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ATC Coin Review and ATC Coin Plan | Call on 9639213369  Now

By Rajendra singh


sATC Coin is a very prominent coin which was recently launched worldwide. This coin has instantly grabbed a lot of attention from the various cryptocurrency enthusiasts in India.

If you know something about Cryptocurrency then you would surely be familiar with Bitcoins. Bitcoin is the No.1 cryptocurrency in the world which was launched in 2009 at just 35 Paisa and Now 1 Bitcoin(BTC) is worth more than Rs.2,80,000(2.8 Lakh).

Similarly, a new coin called ATC Coin came into the market a few months back and it has really taken the world by storm.atc coin plan

Coin Name: ATC Coin

Starting Price: Re. 1

Current Price: Rs. 90(Within 5 months)

Estimated Price: Rs. 1000 (Within 1 Year)

Refer id: mobile

Call/WhatsApp Now: 9639213369

Minimum Investment: Rs.5000

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ATC Coin Review (ATCC Plan)

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The price of this amazing coin was just Re.1 in April 2017 and currently, it is worth around Rs.90 per coin within just 3 months. 🙂 And the aim of the company is to take the price of the coin at Rs. 800 to Rs. 1000 in just 1 year.

Since alot of people are willing to earn money with Bitcoins but not everyone pocket allows to spend around 12lakh instantly. So, I thought why not share ATC Coin Review, where you can easily make a huge amount of money through their easy plan.

ATC coin is running a very amazing business plan where you can make alot of money by referring people.

How will ATC Coin Price coin?

You must be thinking how the price of ATCC will increase. So let me tell you simply, how will the price of ATC increase of decrease.

  1. First of all, there are only a few number of ATC coins in the market.
  2. Now when people will purchase it, the value of coin will increase
  3. When you refer the coin to other people, then more coin will be used by the people
  4. Thus, the price of the Coin will increase more
  5. When people will use the coin to purchase things, then the price will increase more.

So basically the number of coins that come into the market, the price of the coin will increase. So, Once you buy the coin at Rs.90, ATC coin price will slow move to Rs.300 then Rs.400 and so on.

I think you must have understood this coin works and how you can make so much money without actually working.

21/5/17: 1 ATCC = 2.88Rs
23/5/17: 1 ATCC = 3.25Rs
24/5/17: 1 ATCC = 3.68Rs
18/9/17: 1 ATTC = 90Rs

Let’s see, how you can buy ATCCoin for yourself.

ATC Coin Plans:

To increase the sales to ATC Coin company has comeup with an amazing plan where they are giving ATC to you if you refer someone. You just have to spend Rs.5000 to buy ATC, then you can refer your friends and family to buy ATC Coin.

So when they will buy ATC Coin, then you will get some percent of they purchase. And trust me you can make a huge amount of money…even in Lakhs.

ATC Coin has 3 Plans and you can Earn Money through each.

It’s an level Plan Income
🔹 Level 1
Sales Income- 10%
Monthly Income of cashback- 5% for 18 months
Team Size- 2
🔹 Level 2
Sales Income- 3%
Monthly Income of cashback- 4% for 18 month
Team Size- 4
🔹 Level 3
Sales Income- 3%
Monthly Income of Cashback- 3% for 18 month
Rewards- Personal Accident Policy – 5 lakhs rupees
Team Size- 8
🔹 Level 4
Sales Income- 2%
Monthly income of cashback- 2% for 18 month
Reward- Family Floter Mediclame Policy – 1 Lakh
Team Size- 16
🔹 Level 5
Sales Income- 2%
Monthly Income of cashback- 1% for 18 month
Reward- 2 days Education Tour 👨‍💻
Team Size- 32
🔹 Level 6
Sales Income- 2%
Monthly Income of cashback- 1% for 18 month
Reward- Monthly Core Group Meeting with GALA DINNER By CMD Recommended 🍲🍱
Team Size- 64
🔹 Level 7
Sales Income- 2%
Monthly income of cashback- 1% for 18 month
Leadership- 6%
Team Size- 128
🔹 Level 8
Sales Income- 2%
Monthly income of cashback- 1% for 18 month
Reward- 4 N/5D Thailand Tour ✈
Team Size- 256
🔹 Level 9
Sales Income- 1.5%
Monthly Income of cashback- 1% for 18 month
Leadership- 5%
Team Size-512
🔹 Level 10
Sales Income-  1.5%
Monthly Income of cashback- 1% for 18 month
Reward- Singapore Tour with Family ✈
Team Size- 1024
🔹 Level 11
Sales Income-1.5%
Monthly Income of cashback- 1% for 18 month
Leadership- 4%
Team Size- 2048
🔹 Level 12
Sales Income- 1.5%
Monthly Income of Cashback- 1% for 18 month
Reward- London Europe Tour with Office Visit✈
Team Size- 4096
🔹 Level 13
Sales Income- 1%
Monthly Income of Cashback- 1% for 18 month
Leadership- 3%
Royalty- 3%
Reward- Toyota Fortuner 🚘
Team Size- 8192
🔹 Level 14
Sales Income- 1%
Monthly Income of Cashback- 1% for 18 month
Leadership- 2%
Royalty- 2%
Reward- Mercedes 🚘
Team Size- 16384
🔹 Level 15
Sales Income- 1%
Monthly Income of Cashback- 1% for 18 month
Leadership- 1%
Royalty- 1%
Reward- Jaguar Car
Team Size- 32768

Note: 🎯Level income payout instantly🎯Leadership bonus income weekly🎯CASHBACK income monthly.

How to Buy ATC Coin (ATCC) Plan?

After seeing such huge profits, if you are willing to buy some Atcc and make some money within a month, then just follow the below-given steps:

1 buy atc coin from novaexchange 0r up line. More information call or WhatsApp 9639213369

2. Visit
3. Now Register as a New User & Enter “mobile” in Referral ID.
4. After creating the account, click on I-Wallet & Then Top-up Request
5. Now, buy atc coin from novaxchange or up line
6. That’s it! Now send a Whatsapp message to 9639213369 for any information.

Watch this Video to Know Plan in Detail

In this video, you will understand the complete plan of Atcc as well as how you have to buy the coin and make money.

Where can you use ATC Coin?

Now you must be thinking if you can spend your Atcc or not. So, Do not worry ATC coin will be a huge company after sometime and you can spend it like normal money.

  • Purchase Flipkart product
  • Purchase Amazon product
  • Recharge Mobile Prepaid, Postpaid, DTH, etc
  • Purchase online Panthjali Product
  • Purchase and apply for Vijay Personal Loan, Car Loan, Home Loan etc
  • Book Air Ticket, Bus Ticket, Book Cabs
  • Purchase Daily use Vegetables, Milk
  • Purchase Daily use FMGC

There is much more that you can do by using ATC coin and many new things will be opening soon guys.

Note: I am also the member of the company and very happy after buying atc coin.

Now you must be thinking about who founded ATC Coin, if you can trust it or not? So, Let me tell you a few things about ATTC founder.

ATCC Coin Founder

ATT Coin was founded by Subhash Jewria in 2016. Here are a few insights about him that might interest you.

atc coin chor

  • He was born in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh in 1969.
  • He started hi first business of LPG Bottling Plant.
  • Then he started first prepaid cash card in 2000
  • He also started a Railway E-Ticketing platform associated with IRCTC system
  • Being a great marketer, he has traveled 22 countries for various meetings.
  • And now he is making cryptocurrency available to the people of India.

How to Check ATC Coin Price Today

The price of ATCC change regularly, it might go and up within a few minutes. But do not worry as you can easily check the current price of ATC Coin through a popular website.

  1. Visit here
  2. You will get to see the current price is 90
  3. Now you can convert your BTC to INR online.

ATC Coin Review

So here comes ATC Coin review which you wanted to know about. According to me, ATC has some potential to grow but you should be aware that Cryptocurrencies are very volatile and the price could instantly go Up or Down.

Hence, Invest only that much that you can afford to loose. Never invest huge amount of money just in the greed to earning more money. That’s what happened with Social Trade right.

And by now must have understood the plan correctly by Now. If you still have any questions, then don’t forget to call on 9252550881.

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So, I hope you liked this post and if you did then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.




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